What is Hunter.io?

What is Hunter.io?

Hunter.io is an email hunter tool that allows you to enter any domain and find all the emails which are attached to it.

This is ideal for freelancers that use these emails as a way they can build email list and contact them through email in a professional way

Furthermore, Email Hunter can be used to verify emails and do bulk tasks.

Hunter.io also recently integrated campaigns which allow you to perform outreach directly through the tool versus uploading the contacts to another CRM.

It’s a convenient and affordable lead generation tool that every freelancer should have in.

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Hunter.io search algorithm is tremendous for finding the decision makers in a business to start a conversation and get your foot in the door.

So let’s say you are a digital marketing freelancer, and you want to reach out to small web designing companies as part of your link building efforts. Just paste the name of a website in Hunter’s search bar:


Hunter will show a list of people working for said website, along with their position, and in some cases, a pattern for email addresses at the business:

If you want to find the VP of the prospecting company You type in the domain and it will give you the individual’s  email, phone number, name, position and even social media links as well.



Hunter can sort the results based on the type of email and based on the departments people work in at these publications, in a matter of seconds.

It even gives you sources for the emails that it finds to give you an idea of how fresh and accurate they are.


If you need to export it out as a spreadsheet to load it into a CRM or other software from the top right.


Next up, there is the email finder feature. It works mostly similar to the search function, except that you’re searching an exact name and domain to find if it is real.


I tried to look up Joe Bob at Google and apparently, he’s a real person.

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